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Let’s explore simple fall decorations for bathroom and mudroom areas. I’ll show you some easy ways to add an instant touch of autumn to those often-forgotten spaces.

A small dresser decorated with berries and pumpkins

Is your bathroom or mudroom missing out on all the beautiful fall decor? While you might not often think about fall decorations for the bathroom or mudroom, those areas can be fun to decorate and they can add to the autumn feel you may want in your home this time of year.

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I’m absolutely loving all the orange pumpkins, cozy throw blankets, and fall leaves around me. Now, it’s the perfect time to share some of that fall flair with our bathroom and mudroom. Because – why not?

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Fall Mudroom and Entry Way Decorating Ideas

Close up of a green heirloom pumpkin and elderberry branches as fall decorations for bathroom and mudroom spaces

Let’s look at the mudroom first. The mudroom can be an important part of your home. For my family, this is the entryway that we pass through most often. If you don’t have a dedicated mudroom, you’ll still have a side, back or front door that you use to access your home. Let’s make it a space that you enjoy!

Throw Blankets and Pillows

I kept our mudroom very simple. I layered a cozy throw blanket and pillow on our bench. Our mudroom tends to get dirty very quickly, so I don’t want it cluttered or filled with items that are hard to clean. For me, the simple colors and textures of some fall linens are enough to bring in the feel of the season.

A cozy throw blanket and leather pillow sit on a wooden bench

Fall Decorations from the Garden

I also decorated the top of dresser that we use to store seasonal gear. For this, I used a spare throw blanket as a runner and added some elderberry branches and pumpkins from our garden. It’s a beautiful combination that I adore. As a bonus, the kids can’t pile things here when it’s decorated. Double win!

Using items from our garden and around our property has been a theme of mine this year. Natural elements make the best fall decor accessories.

Simple fall decorations of a basket of white pumpkins, a green pumpkin and berries on a branches

If you have space in your mudroom or bathroom for fall decorations, I recommend using something from nature. A bowl of pumpkins, gourds, acorns or pinecones would be charming. A vase of fall-colored flowers like sunflowers or marigolds would look gorgeous as well.

If you want some tips on layering a fall floral arrangement, click over to my tutorial for details.

Fall Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Adding some fall decorations to your bathroom is anther great way to welcome the new season. Bathrooms typical don’t have much display space, but that doesn’t mean they can’t feel like fall. Something small like some candles or a fall flower arrangement might be all you need.

A marble bathroom with textured towels as fall decor

Scents are also a great way to incorporate the feeling of fall into a bathroom space. I like to use essential oils to keep my home smelling fresh. Fall scents like cinnamon or nutmeg can really get you in the fall mood.

If you need some ideas on how to use fall essential oils to freshen your home, see my fall room spray with essential oils or the most delightful 10 fall essential oil diffuser blends for tutorials.

Decorative Fall Bathroom Linens

In our primary bathroom, I kept the fall bathroom decor very simple. Rather than going all out with a seasonal rug or shower curtain, I used some fall-colored bath and hand towels to add a touch of seasonal decor.

A sage green bath towel in a fall bathroom

The texture of those sage green waffle towels is so perfect. They are soft and cozy and make the whole bathroom feel like fall.

If you aren’t a fan of decorating the bathroom, but still want to add a touch of seasonal decor, linens are an easy answer. Choose any color that reminds you of the season – yellow, orange, burgundy – it’s up to you! Linens are a simple decor solution that won’t clutter up your limited bathroom space.

Bonus: Fall Bedroom Linens

One other touch I added to our home this season was some new bedroom linens in our master bedroom. I chose a moodier, darker color palette than what you’ve probably seen in my bedroom before. The darker colors feel cozy and fall-like to me.

I don’t have pictures of the new bedroom linens to share here. You’ll need to check out my YouTube video if you want to take a peak at those! I’ll just say that it’s a nice change and another easy was to add colors and textures that feel like fall to our bedroom space.

Berries and pumpkins used as fall decor sit on top of a dresser

More Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Those were my easy fall decorations for bathroom and mudroom areas. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I did with those spaces in my own home. Remember, it doesn’t take much and the best decorations are often free.

You can click here to find a complete list of all the fall home decor products I used to decorate this season as well as a list other home decor products I have used in our home.

If you’d like to see more of my fall decor content, please see these other blog posts. Bye for now!

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