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What do you get when you cross a bath mat and a sewing machine???  This DIY Bath Mat Pillow, of course!  Take all that nubby, delectable texture and make a designer looking pillow with only 2 simple stitches.

DIY Bath Mat Pillow TIDBITS

I was getting some serious kicks and giggles out of asking my Instagram followers what they thought I made this pillow out of.  It took an entire day before someone guessed it right on!

*This post may contain affiliate links.  Thank you!

DIY Bath Mat Pillow TIDBITS

I heard guesses like, a granny sweater, curtains, old poncho, vintage rug, afghan, and lots of guesses for a vintage chenille blanket.  I actually have a couple old chenille blankets, and now I’m wondering if I should chop them up too!

DIY Bath Mat Pillow TIDBITS

Finally, someone said a bath mat, and they were right.  I came across these ivory tasseled bath mats from World Market, while perusing for who-knows-what, and immediately I thought the fabric would look so good on a pillow.  I actually loved them so much I also bought one for the Master Bathroom Spring Refresh, to be used for its intended purpose – as a bath mat. 😉

But I also think it was the perfect touch to the DIY bedding in my daughters recent bedroom makeover.

DIY Bath Mat Pillow TIDBITS



*I also linked some bath mats I think would look great as pillows too!

More than learning how to sew bath mats into pillow covers, I hope to inspire you to look creatively at items you come across and imagine what else they could be.  That’s always my favorite kind of DIY!

I made a video to show how easy it is.



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Now let me walk you through step by step of how to make a DIY Bath Mat Pillow.


DIY Bath Mat Pillow TIDBITS

You can see here how there was just enough room for seam allowance at the edges and left some overhang on the ends, which is exactly what I wanted.

DIY Bath Mat Pillow TIDBITS

DIY Bath Mat Pillow TIDBITS


This is pretty basic.

1 – Line the bath mats together on the edges and ends, right sides together.  Pin if needed.

2 – Sew down both long edges, backstitching at beginning and end.

DIY Bath Mat Pillow TIDBITS

3 – Flip right side out and insert the pillow form.

Hmm.  I feel like that was too easy!!


A few tips for you.  This fabric is thick and can make your sewing machine a little angry.

1 – Take it very slow

2 – Use the handwheel instead of the foot if needed

3 – Lower your tension

4 – Use a fresh new sharp needle.

 DIY Bath Mat Pillow TIDBITS  


Curious about this space?  Check out the other posts I have for more resources, such as paint colors and tutorials.


DIY Bath Mat Pillow TIDBITS      

Now let’s talk about upcycling!  Have you ever breathed new life into an item and made it something it wasn’t really intended to be?  What’s been your favorite project?  I’d love to know!

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  1. This is so gorgeous what a lovely idea. I would never have thought of using a bath mat as a pillow but I’m sure going to think twice about passing the next bath mat I see. I actually saw a fab gray one last week and didn’t buy it as I thought I have enough bath mats in our house buy now I know why I had a very strong inkling to just buy it lol!! I might just go back for it. Great project I love it..

  2. hi Cami! I love this so much! One question though,
    Did you leave the ends open? Thanks♥️

  3. Does your husband know what a jewel he has, you are so very clever. It made a beautiful pillow, thanks for sharing your clever idea.

    1. I think he does, but I should definitely tell him you said that 😉 . Thank you Marlene!

  4. That pillow is ADORABLE! How clever and what an eye you have for design! Love your daughter’s new bed and bedroom….beautiful!!

  5. Cami, I’ve followed your blog for awhile now and loved every post. I have to say, this is brilliant-and beautiful! These luxurious pillows would be perfect for my two over sized chairs in the living room. We’ve opted for the chairs in lieu of a couch and opposite each other in conversational arrangement next to the fireplace. Very cozy, but was having difficulty with too many pillows trying to make the chairs comfy and cozy!! This is a great solution ?

    1. Tracey, what a compliment! I’m so glad to have you follow me along and I’m so pleased to have helped you find a solution for your chairs. My hubs gets really frustrated when there are too many pillows on the couches, so I think this is a good option too. Hope to hear from you again!