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These cute paper angel Christmas ornaments are easy to make and fun to decorate your house with. You will love the look of them on your Christmas tree or hanging in the windows. Here is a quick and easy paper angel ornament tutorial every one can make.

How to make beautiful paper angel Christmas ornaments

Who knew paper could create such an elevated Christmas ornament!? I am so pleased with the results of this simple paper craft and couldn’t wait to share it with you.

How to make beautiful paper angel Christmas ornaments

Gather your kiddos, friends and family and have so much fun making these beautiful paper angel Christmas ornaments. They come together so quick and easy and I have some helpful pointers for you on the type of paper you can use and the best way to put them together.

How to make beautiful paper angel Christmas ornaments



I played around with a lot of options when it comes to the type of paper to use – and here are my suggestions.

CARDSTOCK SCRAPBOOK PAPER – I do NOT recommend either of these for the paper angels. I know they can be so beautiful, but they are just too thick and heavy to get allow it to fold right. They just look too heavy in the end and don’t lay so delicately.

PRINTER PAPER AND CONSTRUCTION PAPER – These lighter weight papers would work great for this project! You can find all sorts of colors in printer paper weights and this would be great for kids if you were making this more of a kids craft project.

HANDMADE PAPER – If you want the more textured and elevated look that you see here in my photos, I can recommend this beautiful handmade paper which is the perfect lightweight paper for this project. The torn edges, the texture and the slightly creamy color just about makes the most perfect paper angels imaginable!


I used handmade paper in the size of 6 x 8 inches. I really like the size of angel this creates. For a bigger or smaller angel you can adjust your paper size accordingly.


Here is a list of all the supplies you will need.

  • 3 sheets of paper per angel
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • string, twine or ribbon for hanging
  • glue stick
  • hot glue gun
  • wooden beads for the head
    • The size of the bead depends on the proportions of your angel. I just got mine at hobby lobby but this is a good variety pack that will get you lots of sizes to try.
supplies you need to make a paper angel ornament


Grab the 3 sheets of paper you need for 1 paper angel.

What type of paper to use for paper angel ornaments

Fold each paper sheet into an accordion fan – like you did in elementary school. I keep each fold about 1 inch in width. If the last fold doesn’t come out perfectly as the other, don’t fret it. It will still work out fine.

steps to making a paper angel ornament

Take 2 of the folded sheets and glue them together in the center.

steps to making a paper angel ornament

So now your 2 folded papers make a wider fan, which ends up looking fuller for the angel skirt.

steps to making a paper angel ornament

Staple these 2 sheets that you glued together at the very top. This secures them better and helps it fan out.

steps to making a paper angel ornament

For the third folded paper, take and fold it in half to create the shape of the wings.

steps to making a paper angel ornament

I like to add some hot glue to the inside of these wings, so it stays more secure.

steps to making a paper angel ornament

Then glue them down with the folded center attaching to the stapled section of the angel skirt.

steps to making a paper angel ornament

The top folds will be loose on these wings, so you can opt to add a dab of hot glue between each fold to make them secure. If this were a kids craft, I would likely not do this and it would be fine.

steps to making a paper angel ornament

To add the bead to the top for the head, just add a generous amount of hot glue to secure the bead in place.

steps to making a paper angel ornament

Loop your string or ribbon and tie a knot at the end. Cut the end so it will fit inside the hole on the bead.

steps to making a paper angel ornament

Use a dab of hot glue inside the hole on the bead and then insert the string end right into that hole.

steps to making a paper angel ornament

And that is it! Your paper angel Christmas ornaments will look so beautiful! Once you have made one, they come together so quickly.

How to make beautiful paper angel Christmas ornaments

I think these paper angels are my absolute favorite thing on our handmade Christmas tree this year. They just look so adorable.

How to make beautiful paper angel Christmas ornaments

I hope you enjoyed this paper craft idea, and get a chance to make them. If you do, I would love to see! Go ahead and share them on Instagram and tag me @camitidbits so I can take a look!

I would also love your help sharing this idea on Pinterest. Thank you for saving this idea!


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  1. Hello! I made these paper angels but used 4×6 vintage paper instead and used wooden heads with faces. I also added a twine bow around the neck. Loved the way it came out!