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Naughty or nice – a gift tag that says “you are getting coal for Christmas” will keep the receiver in suspense!  Pair them with these cute bags full of air deodorizing bamboo charcoal for a witty and useful gift.

"you are getting coal for christmas" printable gift tag

I love sharing gift ideas! In fact, in years past I’ve enjoyed adding to my series called, “Handmade Holidays”, in order to give you several ideas for gifts you can give during the Holiday season.

You are getting coal for Christmas, FREE printable gift tags.

This year has looked quite a bit different for our family, as we’ve been trying to adjust to moving into our new pole barn home, which is very much still in the construction zone phase. Our priorities have been getting our home comfortable, instead of festive. And coming up with gift ideas for you has also taken a back burner.

double dutch doors.

Nonetheless, I still needed something quick and easy to give to my own friends and family – and once I discovered these incredible smell blaster bags full of charcoal from Bisou Natural, I knew just what I wanted to do!

Bisou Natural - moso bamboo charcoal

The only thing I would need to make was a cute gift tag that said, “You are getting coal for Christmas”, tie it with ribbon, and I was good to go!

you are getting coal printable gift tag with white christmas sock bags

I also made up a printable to go with it that explains what is inside these bags, so the giftee will understand better what they are getting, and what it has to do with “coal”.

You are getting coal for Christmas, FREE printable gift tags.

However, I think these gift tags would also be a great tease to top on any package, and would surely keep the receiver in suspense!

You are getting coal for Christmas, FREE printable gift tags.


If you are curious, let me tell you a little bit more about these charcoal filled bags from Bisou Natural, and why I love them enough to gift them.

Bisou Natural - moso bamboo charcoal

Bisou Natural has made a product that is full of Moso Bamboo Charcoal – nicknamed “Black Gold”. This particular charcoal is extremely porous and has a crazy awesome ability to absorb particles out of the air, leaving the surrounding area smelling fresh and clean – naturally.

Bamboo charcoal can remove odors, bacteria, and excess moisture from the air.

My first experience using charcoal to naturally deodorize was during our RV life. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the fridge to stop stinking – a common RV problem in the Summertime. I place some charcoal in the fridge, and it disappeared COMPLETELY! I was sold!

You are getting coal for Christmas, FREE printable gift tags on white christmas sock bags

Finding natural ways to make our home smell good is especially important to me, because of some allergies and sensitivities a few of us in my family have for chemicals. We can’t tolerate any cleaners with scents and additives, so the only alternatives I have found that really make our home smell nice are essential oils and charcoal. What is so great, is that these bags are reusable for up to 2 years!

charcoal bag ideas on where to use


Here are some ideas for where you can place bags full of charcoal to leave the air fresh and clean.

  • Bathrooms
  • Inside stinky shoes
  • Gym bags
  • Travel bags
  • Linen closets
  • Storage containers
  • Hanging in bedrooms
  • Lockers
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Car
  • Inside drawers
  • Pantry
  • anywhere you want it to smell fresh!
You are getting coal for Christmas, FREE printable gift tags

Feel free to go check out Bisou Natural for more information on their products and to learn more about the benefits of charcoal. For any skeptics out there . . . I dare you to try! They really work soooo well and I appreciate how cute they are!


They are running some great sales during the Holidays, and they were kind enough to give me a PROMO Code for my readers! Use the code “XMAS” to get free shipping on your order!

SIDE NOTE: Bisou Natural commits to planting 30 trees in Africa for every Deluxe order made! I love a company that gives back!

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Charcoal and its benefits! Let me know if you have ever tried it, or have experience with charcoal products. I’d love to know.


Whatever package you decide to top with a fun message of “you are getting coal for Christmas”, I hope you’ll enjoy these free printables I made.

you are getting coal for christmas printable gift tags

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