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Don’t miss this list of gorgeous pole barn and barndominium house exteriors! It’s the perfect inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

gorgeous pole barn and barndominium house exteriors

There is so much to love about a good pole barn or barndominium house. For me, I love how well these homes lend themselves to customizing. As a designer, that’s something that I love to do.

I showed you our house plan, which we designed ourselves, when I shared why we built a pole barn home. More recently, I also did a full home tour with pole barn house design ideas. That post is full of beautiful pictures of our pole barn home.

Along with design flexibility, I also appreciate the fact that pole barn and barndominium homes usually come with lower building costs when compared to traditional homes. That’s a major selling point for many people, myself included.

As far as costs go, you can read all about what it cost to build our pole barn home. Of course, times have changed since then and prices go up and down, but reading that blog post will give you a good idea of why we felt that building a pole barn home would give us the best value for our money.

The outside of a white house with a wrap around porch

If you are thinking about building a pole barn home or a barndominium then this post is for you. It’s also for anyone who just loves to see beautiful home ideas.

I hope to inspire you with gorgeous images of pole barn and barndominium house exteriors. I think you’ll be impressed to see what you can do with these homes!

What is the Difference Between a Pole Barn House and a Barndominium?

Many people use the terms “pole barn home”, “barndominium” or “barndo” interchangeably.

Pole barn homes and barndominiums are very similar in construction. Both use large beams that run along the exterior walls to support all the weight of the roof and the house. These beams are set in a concrete foundation and buried in the ground. Because of this, these homes have no load bearing interior walls.

Pole barn and barndominium homes are generally built as slab on grade without a basement or crawl space.

These home styles differ in what materials are used for those large beams. A pole barn home will use wood beams where a barndominium uses steel beams.

A pole barn house with a long porch and detached garage

Often, barndominiums will combine living space with barn/workshop space as well. This usually results in a lower price and better use of space compared to having separate buildings. It’s also common to hear the term “barndominium” used to refer to a barn that has been converted to a living space.

Checkout this great article from Better Homes and Gardens called “What is a Barndominium?” if you want to dive into the details of barndominium homes.

Both pole barn and barndominium home styles can be absolutely gorgeous and that’s what we’re here for!

Pole Barn and Barndominium House Exteriors

I’ve grouped these homes by style elements to make it easy for you to see their design trends, but of course some of these homes could fit into more than one category.

Take a look at these beautiful pole barn and barndominium homes!

Beautiful Dormer Windows and Gables

The architectural elements used on this first home make it truly unique. Vaulted ceilings and gabled roofs look fantastic on a pole barn or barndominium house. This is a dream home!

A red barndominium  house with dormer windows and a cupola

Photo Credit: K. Graber Construction

The dormer windows and wrap around porch add so much to this homes exterior.

A white pole barn home or barndominium house exterior with wrap around porch

Photo Credit: Conestoga Buildings

Some barndominium plans are indistinguishable from normal home plans. This home looks like the perfect modern farmhouse. The second floor dormer windows add also a nice touch.

A pole barn home with long porch and dormer windows

Photo Credit: Midsouth Barndominiums

The metal roof and high ceiling on this next home are stunning! Vertical metal siding draws the eye up to the roof gable and its unique features.

A barndominium house exterior with black metal roof and white siding

Photo Credit: Midsouth Barndominiums

Here we see decorative gables, dormer windows and stone work combining to make this exterior feel like a cozy home.

A pole barn home with detached garage is set on a hill

Photo Credit: Summertown Metals

Incredible Porches

Porches add lots of interest to barndominium exteriors. This home is a perfect example of using porches to add detail as well as curb appeal.

A white, two story barndominium house with large wrap around porch

Photo Credit: Barndominium Life

The porch beams, gable and stone work on this barndominium house make it one of my favorite exterior elevations. This home looks nothing like a barn!

A pole barn home or barndominium house with stone and metal siding

Photo Credit: Summertown Metals

Here is another gorgeous pole barn house plan that uses a wrap around porch as a key feature. A good porch can completely change the look of home like this!

A red pole barn house with wrap around porch and decorative wood beams

Photo Credit: K. Graber Construction

Did you notice the shutters and those dreamy double front doors? Details are easy to overlook, but they make all the difference.

A white barndominium house with double front doors and a long porch

Photo Credit:

Pole homes are known for often having incredible porches. Of course, this next home is no exception. A good porch can be an extension of your living space.

A view of a home's porch which extends along two sides of the house

Photo Credit: H&H Custom Buildings

Living and Work Space Combinations

This home is stunning! It combines living and workspace in one beautiful building.

A pole barn home with garages on the lower level and living space on the upper level

Photo Credit: Yankee Barn Homes

Barn-style homes can be totally charming, like this red one with the garage underneath and living space on top.

A red barndominium house with garages on the lower level

Photo Credit: Yankee Barn Homes

Smaller pole barn home or barndominium kits, similar to the one below, can be purchased for DIY projects. They are perfect for work/living space combinations or for making a small apartment.

A barndominium with garages and living spaces

Photo Credit: Timberline Buildings

Here is another good example of a work space and living space combination. Using decorative touches, like those amazing garage doors, stone work and cupolas, help this building feel just as charming as it is functional.

A white barndominium with a large work space and an attached living space

Photo Credit: Fetterville Sales

Some pole barn and barndominium homes adopt barn-style elements into their design. Don’t worry though, these homes can still have mud rooms, laundry rooms, living rooms and all the comforts of a traditional house.

A green barndominium house with barn doors and dormer windows

Photo Credit: Prime Storage

And finally, this barndominium house plan beautifully combines work and living space into one building.

A barndominium with gray siding, a large porch and dormer windows

Photo Credit: Compass Construction Services

Things to Consider Before Building a Pole Barn or Barndominium House

Do you love the idea of a pole barn or barndominium home? Maybe this type of house will be the perfect fit for you. But before you go scouring the internet to find the perfect barndominium floor plans, make sure you do a little homework.

I always recommend that you check with your local building department to see what regulations and local building codes exist in your area to make sure you’ll be able to get a building permit.

Once you’ve done that, you can explore your options for planning and building it yourself, buying a pole bar or barndominium home kit or hiring a contractor. It’s an exciting process!

More About Pole Barn Homes

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these gorgeous home exteriors. I find it totally inspiring to see real life examples before I start my own projects. If you want to learn more about pole barn homes, I’ve got lots to explore. Until next time!

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