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See the most stunning pole barn home and barndominium interiors. It’s the perfect dose of home design inspiration.

Pole barn home and barndominium interiors.

Pole barn homes and barndominiums have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, just google “pole barn home” or “barndominium” and you’ll see what I mean. They’re everywhere!

What do you think of the pole barn and barndominium home trend? Do you love it, hate it?

Personally, I love it! Which is probably no surprise considering we built a pole barn home ourselves. If you’d like to read about why we built a pole barn home or what it cost to build our pole barn home, feel free to take a look. It was quite the adventure!

I recently shared some gorgeous pole barn and barndominium home exteriors to give you a little design inspiration. Now it’s time to take a look at some interiors, and boy can they be stunning!

An open layout living room and kitchen in a pole barn house

If you’ve ever considered a pole barn home or barndominium, then you will love seeing these gorgeous examles. And if you’re not interested in this style of home, I think you’ll still enjoy seeing the interior designs of these incredible pole barn and barndominium homes.

A shot of a European farmhouse living room

What is a Pole Barn Home or a Barndominium?

Many people use the terms “pole barn home”, “barndominium” or “barndo” interchangeably.

Pole barn homes and barndominiums are very similar in construction. Both use large beams that run along the exterior walls to support all the weight of the roof and the house. These beams are set in a concrete foundation and buried in the ground. Because of this, these homes have no load bearing interior walls.

Thanks to that lack of interior load bearing walls, these homes are very easy to customize. They tend to have high ceilings and open floor plans, but they can be designed to fit any preference. Pole barn and barndominium homes are generally built as slab on grade without a basement or crawl space.

An interior shot of a pole barn house

What is the Difference Between a Pole Barn Home and a Barndominium?

These home styles differ in what materials are used for those large support beams. A pole barn home will use wood beams where a barndominium uses steel beams.

Often, barndominiums will combine living space with barn/workshop space as well. This usually results in a lower price and better use of space compared to having separate buildings. It’s also common to hear the term “barndominium” used to refer to a barn that has been converted to a living space.

Checkout this great article from Better Homes and Gardens called “What Is a Barndominium?” if you want to dive into the details of barndominium homes.

Both pole barn and barndominium interiors can be absolutely gorgeous and that’s what we’re here for!

Amazing Pole Barn Home and Barndominium Interiors

I’ve grouped these pictures by room to help you see their interior design trends. Now, lets get started!


The super high ceilings on this first kitchen are highlighted by rustic wood beams and a variety of light fixtures. Barndominiums and pole barn homes are well known for tall ceilings, since you can do without weight bearing walls.

A barndominium interior kitchen featuring an island and vaulted ceiling

Photo Credit:

I love this next kitchen because it shows that pole barn homes and barndominiums don’t have to have vaulted ceilings. If you prefer a cozy, dropped ceiling, you can do that too and it still looks incredible.

A barndonimium kitchen with a flat ceiling and large island

Photo Credit: Salter Spiral Stair

The cabinets on this next kitchen are beautiful. And of course, those floating beams steal the show.

A modern barndominium kitchen with decorative wood beams

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

I think the countertops, light fixtures, island and ceiling beams on this next kitchen make such a lovely combination. So many great design ideas!

A beautiful farmhouse barndominium kitchen with island, wood beams and vintage light fixtures

Photo Credit: Barndominium Life

Can we talk about the tile ceiling in this kitchen, because I think we should. It’s such a stunning and unexpected bit of decoration!

White kitchen with a tiled ceiling

Photo Credit: Yankee Barn Homes

Here is my own pole barn kitchen which is full of natural light. I designed it with lots of drawers and cabinets for storage. The cabinet panels also hide some of the appliances, like the fridge and dishwasher.

A European-style range in a pole barn home's eat in kitchen

Photo Credit: TIDBITS & Company

Great Rooms and Living Rooms

Pole barn and barndominium floor plans often feature wide open spaces. This living room is a great example of an open layout.

A large barndominium interior featuring a living room and kitchen

Photo Credit: Salter Spiral Stair

This next home has a dropped ceiling and more separation between living areas, but still maintains an open-concept. It just goes to show that a barndominium design can be whatever you want it to be.

A pole barn home interior with a living room, kitchen and dining room

Photo Credit: Extreme Pole Buildings

The color scheme on this next living room is so eye catching. This would be the perfect setting for entertaining guests.

A beautiful barndominium interior living room with a red rug and red arm chairs

Photo Credit: Homenization

Here’s a home has the most stunning loft! I absolutely love the extra living space it provides this open floor plan. This barndominium interior is just bursting with rustic charm!

A stunning pole barn home interior with a second story loft

Photo Credit: Yankee Barn Homes

Of course, it goes without saying that this next living room is all about that fireplace! It makes a great focal point that draws the eye up to the exposed beams that frame this home. The natural materials and large windows look amazing!

A pole barn home living room with a two story fireplace and large windows

Photo Credit: Yankee Barn Homes

Next is this incredible barn style home with soaring ceilings. If you love a tall ceiling, these pole barn and barndominum interiors might be just what you’ve been looking for.

A view of a barndominium interior with high ceilings and an open layout

Photo Credit: Barndominium Life

Of course, I wanted to include my pole barn home’s living room too. I decorate with what I call “European farmhouse” aesthetics. Oh, how I love this room!

The living room of a European farmhouse with couches, chairs and a fireplace

Photo Credit: TIDBITS & Company


You gotta love the exposed supporting beams are in the rustic farmhouse barndominium. Beams can add stunning detail to these homes.

A barndonimium interior bedroom with wood beams and stone walls

Photo Credit: U.S. News Real Estate

Here is a more modern barndominium interior featuring light colors. Pole barn and barndominium homes can be designed to fit any style.

A modern barndominium interior bedroom with vaulted ceilings

Photo Credit: Yankee Barn Homes

The next bedroom is a good example of combining a rustic and minimalist look for modern living. This would make an fantastic guest room.

A  bed sits in a barndominium bedroom with a blend of rustic and modern design elements

Photo Credit:

A bedroom full of soft, neutral shades and fabrics with different textures is always a winner in my book. This one is gorgeous!

A white bed with layers of white bedding in a barndominium bedroom

Photo Credit:

Here is another incredible pole barn or barndominium bedroom. The vaulted ceilings make this room feel so spacious.

A large pole barn home bedroom with a bed, chairs and a vaulted ceiling

Photo Credit: Today’s Homeowner

Here is another one of my spaces, a cottage core bedroom designed for my daughter. Out of all the rooms I’ve designed over the years, this has continued to be one of my favorites.

Beautiful canopy over a cottagecore bed

Photo Credit: TIDBITS & Company


How about this luxurious bathroom with a vaulted ceiling and two vanities? This design makes a great alternative to a double sink vanity.

A barndominium bathroom with two vanities

Photo Credit:

Up next is a bathroom designed for a modern lifestyle. I think the double vanity rooms are another great idea for those busy shared bathrooms.

A modern bathroom featuring two vanity rooms

Photo Credit: TurnKey

Here is another gorgeous pole barn bathroom. The wall paper adds a unique touch to this space.

A pole barn bathroom with white vanity and a soaker tub

Photo Credit: Yankee Barn Homes

For a rustic feel, try using barn doors and metal accents like the ones in this bathroom. Isn’t that bathtub just incredible?!

A rustic pole barn home bathroom with barn doors and a metal bathtub and sink

Photo Credit: Yankee Barn Homes

Finally, here’s a peek at the master bathroom of my pole barn home. We used lots of marble for a luxurious feel. I love the blend of vintage and modern elements in this space.

European Farmhouse Master Bathroom with marble tile

Photo Credit: TIDBITS & Company

More Pole Barn and Barndominium Interior Design Ideas

Weren’t those homes amazing!? Taking a stroll through some stunning pole barn and barndonimium interiors is always a good time for me. I hope you enjoyed the tour and were able to find some good inspiration for your own home.

If want to learn more about pole barn or barndominium homes, there is a lot more to see. Just click on one of the links below!

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